About Us

 Welcome to the Jungle - What we're about and who we're for!

 jack the founder and friends wearing four & melrose ape collection shirts

We started Monkey Jungle Brand for one simple reason; to help our simian cousins and the planet. Established in 2022 in Orlando, FL. Monkey Jungle is a purpose based offshoot of established clothing brand Four & Melrose. Monkey and ape themed designs were conceptualized as a temporary collection before we realized they could be so much more! 

Orangutan looking at the camera behind fence

Our first passion is storytelling as a focus in every collection, and we realized the stories of apes and their struggles have a deep connection with so many all over the world. We felt we could do our part to help our ape and monkey friends by creating relatable, funny and beautiful designs that honor and celebrate them.

We accomplish this by sourcing sustainable, small batch orders of high quality, long lasting garments and hand printing every design in house. Quality control and "doing no harm" are of utmost importance. In addition, we contribute 10% of our profits toward worldwide foundations that support ape and monkey wildlife and their habitats. 


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